High Fenced Hunting for Blackbuck Antelope & Whitetail Deer

In the spring of 2015, Haun Ranch high fenced 250 acres. We have been breeding and raising whitetail deer for the past five years. Now we have a place to release and hunt them. We have three year olds that will be ready for harvest next year. We also have promising two-year-olds and yearlings. More deer will be released in the following years. The three year olds should score 165- 175 this year. We are anticipating the three-year-olds and the one four year old to score between 180 to 200. We have a 3 foot fence through the middle of the 250 acres, so we can have hogs and blackbuck on one side. The whitetail can jump back and forth over the low fence and roam the entire 250 acres; but the hogs will stay on the low fenced 125 acres. This allows me to plant food plots for the whitetail without the hogs destroying the food plots. We are hunting the hogs now. You can stalk them or sit in the blinds by one of the three feeders and be sure you will find some real trophies. Please call us for any more information and see below for all high fenced pricing.

High Fenced Whitetail Hunting:

High Fenched Deer Hunting in South TexasDeer Hunting Packages in South Texas


2017 Prices

Kill fees are based on the Boone & Crockett score:

200 & up————————-$6,000

All hunts come with lodging, guide, blinds, cleaning and skinning.  Do your own meals or we can provide meals for $50.00 per person per day.  We have a walk in cooler.

High fenced hog hunts:







$550- 2 day hunt

(2 days, 2 hog limit- one under 100lbs and one over 100lbs lodging and game cleaning included)

Additional hogs- $1.25 per pound

High Fenced Blackbuck Hunting:

Kill fee $78 per inch. $250 per day  hunt fee. Includes lodging ,Guide and capping trophy





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