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Haun Ranch Hunting Report

October 6, 2017

Hunters from Florida took three bucks out of the  high fence this week, two 5 year olds scoring a fraction under 200.  One of my guides made a mistake a took one of my 2 year olds out and he scored 151.  I still have two nice 5 year olds left.

I have permits for the free range deer.  I have 30 doe tags and 15 buck tags. Hunts are booking up fast.  Our season started September 30.

Hog hunting is always good and they are really tearing up the fields since the rain. I just planted a food plot of oats and the hogs are tearing it up.  Please book a hunt and help me take them out.  The pecan bottom we hunt with night vision should be great with all the pecans that were knocked down by the wind.

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    August 6, 2017Hogs are really hitting the feeders, I’m even getting pictures on the cameras during the day time.

    Dove season starts September 27, 2017. The high lines over the sunflower fields are filling up.

    Level 2 Management deer season opens September 30, 2017. I have lots of nice bucks in the free range and I will need to take out a lot of does this year.

    High fence bucks are really looking good. I have 5 or 6 shooters in the 170″-200″ class. Pick one out and get your hunt booked. I would like these bucks taken in October before the rut because they start fighting and breaking their antlers. Here is a of picture. I will also have a couple of nice 18″-20″ black bucks. Check the website for pricing.


  •  July 23, 2016: Hog Hunting is hot here at HAUN RANCH near Victoria , Texas.  I have 1100 acres free range here on the ranch, with 10 feeders.  Four lighted feeders.  We are getting dry and the grass is getting old and brittle, forcing the hogs to the feeders.  I also have several other ranches I can take hunters with night vision.  Night vision hunts have been very successful. We have 250 acres high fenced.  I have about 95 hogs in 125 acres.  These high fence hunts are action packed, very successful hunts that can be done in daylight hours.  Deer season will be here before you know it.  First weekend in October usually starts our season.  Haun Ranch is under level 2 MLD, so we can start taking deer with a rifle or bow in October.  I have been seeing some very nice bucks in the free range.  They have a couple of months to grow, should be a great deer season.This is the first year I am opening the high fence for trophy bucks.  I have 7 four year olds and 1 five year old buck available this year.  Game camera pictures are looking promising.  I expect these 8 bucks will score 180-200.  Three bucks have drop tines, all have multiple points, 10-16.

    Watch the website for upcoming pictures.

     Let’s go hunting!!  Book your hunt today!! For reservations call: 361-550-7925

  • January 2016- We had such a great deer season that we are currently out of deer permits, so we are now concentrating on hog hunting. Hogs are hitting some of the feeders in the free range. The high fence hogs are fast action spot and stalk, very exciting and successful hunts. We are also having great success on the night vision hunts on neighboring ranches.

We are starting to hear gobblers at first light in the mornings. There are a lot of gobblers so it should be a great turkey season which starts March 19th.

Come out and hunt! For reservations  or more information, please call Terry Haun at: 361-550-7025.

  • December 2015-We have had a great deer season so far here at Haun Ranch, near Victoria Texas. I still have a few Deer permits available. We are under level 2 MLD, so our season goes till the end of February. Bucks are really chasing the does right now. There are some real nice shooters and a few cull bucks out there. Come put a tag on one.Hogs are really hitting the feeders in the free range. Hogs in the high fence are everywhere. I took the grandsons stalking in the high fence last week and we nearly got ran over by a couple of boars.Turkeys had a good hatch this spring. We are seeing groups of about 20 hens, and I saw 9 big long beards together a couple of days ago.Let’s go hunting! Call for reservations: 361-550-7925
  • August 19, 2014- We are getting ready for a new hunting season. I have 8 acres of Maze full of seed, 4 acres of Millet and about 20 acres of native Sunflowers for the doves. I will shred some down about 2 weeks before the season, should really bring the doves in.

    Our deer season starts Sept. 27. I am seeing some really nice bucks. I will be posting pictures soon, keep watching for your buck. We are looking forward to another great hunting season, hope you can join us.

    Let’s go hunting!

    Terry Haun


  • May 8,2014- Hog hunting is hot here at Haun Ranch near Victoria Texas. I have 1300 acres here at my house and 3 additional ranches (about 2000 acres) to hunt. Night vision 308 and goggles. They can run but they can’t hide. I have openings in June and July.

2 day hunts, unlimited hogs, lodging, game cleaning and use of a golf cart ATV–$350


  •  3 day–$450Night vision rental–$50 per night per device.Let’s go hunting!Call for reservations:Terry


  • Hunting Report 9/1/13                                     hogs

This 125 boar was one of the three hogs taken by three hog hunters on Haun Ranch near Victoria, Tx this weekend. There were about 3 big boars that outsmarted us and got away. We saw about 20 hogs Friday night.

Haun Ranch is going to level two management, which means our general season will open September 28th with no antler restrictions on the bucks. We still have plenty of hunts open. I am anticipating about 20 doe permits and 10 buck permits.

-Terry Haun

  • Haun Ranch Hunting Report 6/5/2013

Summer time is a good time to get after the hogs, here at Haun Ranch near Victoria Texas. I know it is hot during the daylight hours, but that’s alright, we hunt hogs at night when it is cooler. Lighted feeders and night vision rifle and goggles give you the ability to hunt all night and sleep all day. We have been very successful at night with the night vision. Book a hunt now and take some hogs!

  • 2 day hog hunt (unlimited hogs, lighted feeders, lodging, game cleaning, and use of a golf cart ATV)–$350 per hunter3 day–$45Non-hunting guests–$50Night-vision goggles–$50 per nightNight-vision 308–$50 per nightFor pictures and more information go to:  www.haunranch.comCall for reservations:Terry Haun361-275-3809cell phone: 361-550-7925
  •  Haun Ranch- February 25, 2013 Turkey season starts March 16 and is open till April 28. I am starting  to see gobblers strutting with hens already. I saw 3 big Long beards yesterday with a flock of about 20 hens, One Gobbler looked like he had a paint brush for a beard. I saw three different groups of Gobblers and hens yesterday. Looks like we are in for an early season with lots of birds. I still have some Turkey hunts available. Hogs are hitting the feeders pretty good also. I have a new ATN Night Arrow 4 night vision scope, and it really works well. A hunter shot a hog at 100 yds. last Saturday night with no problem. I think you could hit a hog at 200 yds. at night if you can hold steady enough. The scope brightness and clarity is amazing, and the 4 power magnification is a big plus. Come on out and hunt!For pictures and more info. go to:  www.haunranch.comCall for reservations:Terry Haun

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  • Haun Ranch Hunting Report January 9, 2013

Deer season is about done here at Haun Ranch near Victoria, Texas. We took 20 does 4 cull bucks and 4 trophy bucks .  There are a lot of very nice 3 year old bucks out there for next year. We try not to take them until they get at least 4 years old. I counted 120 deer on the food plot last week one afternoon, so the population is thriving. Youth season lasts till Jan. 20th. I still have some youth hunts available

Turkey season is just around the corner, March 16- April 28.  There is a big flock of about 60 turkeys that cross in front of my house every morning and afternoon. Looks like we had a really good hatch last year. Turkey season should be very good this year. I have plenty turkey hunts available

The hogs are always here.  They are getting between 500 and 800 pounds of corn out of the feeders every week. We finally got some good rain this week, so I am sure they will be busy rooting up the pastures now. Come out any time and take a hog or two home.

Let’s go hunting!

  • Haun Ranch Hunting Report November 15, 2012

Went out this morning on a spot and stalk deer hunt with my bow. After being busted several times by does I thought this is impossible. I saw horns going through the weeds and behind a bush. I knelt down behind a small bush, knowing I couldn’t sneak up on him. I decided to try and make him come to me. I grunted with my call and here he comes. He came within 20 yards and I let my arrow fly and nailed him right through the heart!! He ran about 15 yards and fell dead. It was a hunt of a life time. He was a 7 1/2 year old 10 pointer.

Still have deer hunts available, I counted 140 deer on a 25 acre food plot last week. Hogs are on the food plot every night.  Hunters have been going out with the night vision and taking some off.  They are hitting the feeders hard also.  One of my hog hunters last week killed a 195# Boar with about 4 inch tusks.

Let’s go hunting.

-Terry Haun

  • Deer season is near

    Posted: 10/4/2012 1:09:21 PM

    October 4, 2012.  Deer season is here. Bow season started September 29th. one doe and a couple of cull bucks went down. Bucks are still hanging out together. One hunter saw 8 bucks at his feeder at the same time. Rifle season starts Nov. 3rd. I still have spots available. Hogs are hitting the feeders also. A hunter took two pigs with his bow this week. Plenty of hoghs out there too. Doves have not arrived yet. They should be here soon. The sunflowers and croton are beginning to dry up, so there will be lots of seed for the doves. Give me a call and let’s go hunting.

    Terry Haun


  • HUNTING REPORT 7/30/12

    Posted: 8/8/2012 11:33:27 AM

    We have had some rains recently, so we have been catching big hogs our in the fields at night with the night vision.  Some hogs are still hitting the feeders.  Starting to get some pictures of some nice bucks on the game cameras.  Deer season is coming up soon.
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    Posted: 6/12/2012 11:13:22 PM

    Hogs are back on the feeders, come on out and hunt some hogs here at Haun Ranch near Victoria, Texas. It is getting dry, the ground is hard and the grass is getting brittle, sows have big pigs on them, so they are back on the feeders.
    Let’s go hunting.
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    Posted: 6/12/2012 11:14:00 PM

    Deer season is right around the corner, archery season opens October 1st and rifle season opens November 5th.  Look in my photo gallery to view pictures of the mature 8 and one 10 point deer on the  2011 Deer Season Hit List.
    Book now for the 2011 Deer Season.
    Let’s go hunting.
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